3 Self-Care Apps That People Can Download and Benefit From

3 Self-Care Apps That People Can Download and Benefit From

What is self-care, exactly? Is it worth taking a moment to be grateful? Putting on a face mask? Treating yourself to a chocolate bar? Going to the gym? Is it time to let go of toxic relationships? Looking at Prince Harry’s stunning photos? Nine out of ten individuals would say yes to all of the above, but allowing ourselves to exercise guilt-free self-care is a lot more difficult to achieve than it appears (thanks, millennial culture).

Self-Care Apps

Now that you’ve taken the first step toward self-care by reading this article, pick one of the three applications listed below to help you feel your best. This is, after all, what self-care is all about.

#1. Amazon Music

Amazon Music
Listening to your favorite artists on repeat can be a kind of self-care at times. Put your headphones on and go to Amazon Music to listen to songs by singers like Daniel Caesar and Frank Ocean, who never fail to make people cry. Prime members pay $7.99 per month (non-Prime members pay $9.99 per month) or $79 per year to join.

#2. Five Minute Journal

Five Minute Journal
Rather than worrying about what will happen if your Notes app musings are accidentally deleted, download the $5 Five Minute Journal app and start taking five minutes out of your day to reflect and focus on the positive. It has a timeline view to access all your previous diary entries, daily inspirational quotes, and a one-photo-per-day tool to capture the feel-good moments, such as sunsets and breakfast, of course!

#3. Calm

If the name didn’t already give it away, the free Calm app, which has Siri support, helps people relax when they’re coping with stressful scenarios like watching the never-ending news cycle or preparing for a job interview. It includes daily meditation, a sleep timer that plays soothing music until you fall asleep, and masterclasses by best-selling author Elizabeth Gilbert on themes such as how to fuel your creativity without fear.