Here’s How Hustle Culture Can Be Escaped

Simone Boyce, an LA-based TV host and correspondent, was part of the hustle culture. Until 2019, she was posting on her Instagram profile daily, living in what she describes as “an empire-building era.” She even built a green screen studio to make YouTube videos and would often spend the whole night editing them. When she got her dream job as an on-air reporter, she was a burned-out zombie. She says, “Making any kind of social plans was out of the question. I often had to fly on nothing but a moment’s notice.”

Motherhood Brings Meaning to Her Life

Simone Boyce, an NBC correspondent She didn’t stop after the birth of her first child, either. Instead, she tried to juggle her personal life with her pursuit of career development. Near the end of her second maternity leave, her boss asked her to start covering the news again. “As a mom with two children, that’s when I realized I must put an end to the whole hustle lifestyle. I suddenly grasped I’d been so focused on my career that I was missing out on other things. But my children helped me broaden my focus to things that helped me find true meaning in life.”

Boyce hasn’t abandoned her ambition, it just changed as her life developed. Presently, she’s embracing motherhood while being an entrepreneur. Surely, that brings less money but brings her much more satisfaction.

Hustle Culture Can Lead to Complete Burnout

The creator of The Motherload newsletter may now be in her “recovery era.” Still, hustle culture hasn’t disappeared. In fact, it’s still going strong. The pursuit of higher and tougher challenges comes with a whole bunch of promises. Try hard enough and you’ll finally achieve your dreams. But, as time goes by, many start wondering whether it’s worth it.

Some explain it with a phenomenon called the ‘hedonic treadmill.’ Namely, you constantly speed up your life to achieve a goal. Once you meet it, you just want to continue striving for new heights. The result is that you’re constantly dissatisfied with where you’re at right now.

How to Abandon It

You don’t need to constantly strive for more in your life, as that often leads to nothing but unhappiness and constant burnout. Instead, one needs to learn how to be content with their life, regardless of their achievements. Psychologists say the pursuit of happiness is much more valuable than the strife for achievements.

woman escaping hustle culture

While it’s easy to say that hustle culture isn’t the best thing for a person, it’s not so easy to abandon it. Many feel that being content will lead to a lack of motivation to make a positive change in your life. That’s just how Boyce felt when she first abandoned it.

It’s all about balance. Find what’s giving you satisfaction in life, and take a moment to appreciate what you’ve achieved so far. Once you achieve balance, you’ll see that contentment and career pursuit can coexist.

The Mini-Series ‘Moon Knight’ Got Its First Female Egyptian Superhero

Moon Knight by Marvel Studios recently welcomed their first-ever female Egyptian superhero. This happened in the final episode of the show, titled “Gods and Monsters.” We are all super excited for the representation this provides! Not only is the actress playing the superhero Scarlet Scarab, Arab, but the director of the series is Mohamed Diab, who is Egyptian, too. But, let’s talk more about the new female superhero and see who’s behind the character, how the costume was made, and more! The Mini-Series ‘Moon Knight’ Got Its First Female Egyptian Superhero

Who Is Moon Knight’s Scarlet Scarab?

Since the premiere of the mini-series back on the 30th of March this year, Moon Knight has been creating lots of excitement and the end has definitely got lots of people hooked even more. At the end of this now very popular series, Layla El-Faouly, which was played by the Bahraini-born, Egyptian-Palestinian actress May Calamawy, has been revealed as the superhero, Scarlet Scarab.

How the Costume of Scarlet Was Made

The Mini-Series ‘Moon Knight’ Got Its First Female Egyptian Superhero

The costume designer of the mini-series Moon Knight was Meghan Kasperlik. She did a collaboration with the actress to come up with the costume for her role. The designer commented that it was very important for her that this costume was not a very stereotypically female superhero tight-fitting outfit. She said that in Egyptian culture wearing tight-fitting clothes is not always a positive thing and this is why she worked closely with May on the creation of the superhero costume. They needed to make her look fierce and sporty.

And this was not all. The team has decided to have the character with long curly hair so it can properly represent Egyptian culture. But, if you want to see it for yourself, don’t miss the chance to watch Moon Knight, the Marvel mini-series is a must-watch according to many fans of the studio and their work.