3 Important and Useful Things to Know Before Traveling to Lithuania

Lithuania is one of Europe’s three Baltic states, a former Soviet republic, the country is home to a population of approximately 2.7 million and is an underestimated tourist destination.

Cityscape of Vilnius, Lithuania's capital city.Few people think of the Baltics when deciding to visit Europe, but the truth is that all three countries are beautiful and interesting places that have plenty to offer to their guests. Here is what travelers should know before visiting Lithuania, the southernmost of the triumvirate.

1. Lithuania is Part of Schengen

European Schengen visa stamp in the passportTravelers can visit a total of 26 countries with a single Schengen visa, including Lithuania. Choosing it as a base enables tourists to also discover the countries of Latvia and Poland, as well as Germany and Sweden through ferry boats, without worrying about customs checks or border controls.

2. Old Vilnius Is a Must-Visit Site

Gediminas Castle Tower overlooking the old parts of Vilnius, LithuaniaVilnius, the country’s capital, is ranked as one of the least expensive cities in Europe, which makes it the ideal destination for budget travelers. Senamiestis, the city’s oldest area, is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its unique and mesmerizing architecture. It is home to several well-known landmarks such as the Gates of Dawn, St. Anne’s Church, Gediminas Castle Tower, and Vilnius University, which date back to the 16th century.

3. Astounding National Parks

Aerial view of Aukstaitija National Park and its numerous lakes.Lithuania is covered with green parklands and colorful natural sites. The country is home to several national parks, which is why nature lovers from all over Europe and the world choose it for their vacations. Aukstaitija National Park is arguably the most popular park site in Lithuania. It is the oldest national park in the country and the location of countless lakes. Curonian Spit is another famous parkland and offers excellent bird-watching opportunities.

Planning a trip to Lithuania may seem like an odd decision to many, but the travelers that do visit the country express a desire to return and see more!