Megan Fox Reportedly Found Incriminating Texts on Fiancee’s Phone

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox first got together in 2020 when she was still married to Brian Austin Green and quickly swept over Hollywood as one of the hottest couples. Just two short years later, in 2022, they announced their engagement. However, the couple may now be going through a rough patch, and while Megan has decided to break up with Kelly, there might be hope yet for the eccentric couple!

Megan Fox Reportedly Found Incriminating Texts on Fiancee’s Phone

Megan Fox Found Some Texts

The root of the couple’s break up was seated in a reported finding of some incriminating texts on Kelly’s Phone. Recently the star deleted most of her photos with her fiancee, uploading many of herself with some obvious Beyonce lyrics as a caption. She also unfollowed him on Instagram and was quick to follow Eminen, with whom MGK has an ongoing feud. Soon after, she deleted her account altogether.

Fans Immediately Started Speculating

Female guitarist who tours with MGK, Sophie Lloyd

When a Hollywood couple so closely followed by countless fans split, many people wonder why, but let’s face it – no Hollywood star is too keen on putting every personal detail out there for the fans to read. So fans started saying he was cheating on her, and some of them referred to a guitarist whom MGK tours with – Sophie Lloyd. However, Lloyd’s management was quick to refute the rumors saying she was getting dragged into drama needlessly and that people should lay off the disrespect for the talented young female artist.

It May Not be Completely Over

Although Megan Fox and MGK have broken up, it may not be completely over for the couple. Megan says she wants to work things out and see where they stand. A source has said that although the actress is hurt, she is not ready to give up. There might be hope because it’s reported the couple is seeking professional help to work through their problems.

Countless fans of the eccentric Hollywood couple hope they will work through their issues and remain together. No one wants to see them break up and part ways forever, so everyone is waiting to see what happens next!

Rihanna Is Pregnant With Her First Child and A$AP Rocky Is the Father

When Rihanna does something, it dominates both the press and social media, but this time, she made headlines and set timelines ablaze with truly breaking news. Recently, new photos surfaced that show her looking pregnant with her first child. This comes after months of rumors and speculations about her relationship with A$AP Rocky. Apparently, Rihanna made a silent statement by walking around Rocky’s native Harlem with a bare stomach.

Pregnancy Rumors About Rihanna Finally Look On-Point

Pregnancy rumors have been a constant for the 33-year-old Rihanna in recent years, and she refuted them all as recently as December 2021. Now, the couple’s silent statement was done in public — and in style. Rihanna was in a long pink Chanel coat combined with jeans, and Rocky was donning a denim Carhartt jacket with leather pants.

Rihanna Has Previously Stated That She Wanted Three or Four Kids By Her Early 40s

Rihanna has been candid about having children in the past. In an interview in March 2020, she stated that she wanted to have three or four kids by her early 40s. The couple made none of the usual social media announcements and opted to leave the news to spread on its own. Rocky also answered questions about becoming a dad during the past year, saying that he would become an incredible, remarkably amazing dad and would have a very fly child.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky have been friends for many years, touring together and attending high-profile events. In his interview, Rocky was also asked what it’s like to be in a relationship, and he gave a glowing response about Rihanna and how special she is. He also shared that it was so much better to know he got the One. In his words, Rihanna is one in a million, and he was certain that she was the One.

Coincidentally, the photos revealing Rihanna’s pregnancy were released ten years to the day since Rocky’s Fashion Killa song was recorded. In it, the rapper is connecting romance and designer threads in his own style. The video was directed by Virgil Ablohand included lines describing how his babies will be flyer than their parents.