Harry Styles’ Most Personal Album Has a Lot to Teach Fans

Three years after the release of his critically praised second album Fine Line, Harry Styles returns with Harry’s House, a collection of brilliantly produced pop tunes. Here are the five most significant takeaways from a preview of his forthcoming album, which will be released on the 20th of May.

Harry Styles' Most Personal Album Has a Lot to Teach Fans
 Harry Styles’ Most Personal Album Has a Lot to Teach Fans

Harry Styles’ Album Comes in Two Sections

The lyrics are straightforward, thoughtful, and replete with Harry Styles’ endearing wit. Styles has also improved his vocal performance. The first half of the album is comprised of seven songs whose lyrics will certainly have you pondering their meaning for days. “Matilda,” a folk song about a heroine facing the stresses of maturity, with piano chords and acoustic guitar that allow Styles’ vocals to stand out.

Heartache, Love, And More

Throughout the record, Harry Styles describes the highs and lows of his relationships. Last month at Coachella, he performed the groovy “Late Night Talking” while bouncing on stage in a sequined jumpsuit, providing fans with a taste of his enhanced lyricism. In the track, he sings “I’ve never been a fan of change, but I’d follow you to any place, if it’s Hollywood or Bishopsgate, I’m coming too.”

Harry Styles performs at Coachella in April
Harry Styles’ Most Personal Album Has a Lot to Teach Fans

The album, which Harry Styles has labeled as his most personal effort to date, concludes with a song titled “Love of My Life” that is certain to be scrutinized by his admirers. More upbeat than one might anticipate, a nostalgic Styles recalls, well, the love of his life as the song twists and changes before the relationship’s end.

There’s More!

As Styles stated on Twitter in 2019, on two of his prior songs, “Kiwi” walked so that “Watermelon Sugar” could run. Fans will be pleased to learn that he continues to compose songs with fruit themes. About “Grape Juice,” he reflects on sharing a bottle of something “old and red” with a loved one. Styles’ fans will undoubtedly like the Grammy winner’s whimsical scatting on the album’s opening track, “Music For a Sushi Restaurant,” which resides in the same sonic universe as Fine Line‘s “Sunflower Vol. 6.”

A Great Collaboration

Kid Harpoon
Harry Styles’ Most Personal Album Has a Lot to Teach Fans

For Harry’s House, Styles collaborated extensively with Kid Harpoon (born Thomas Edward Percy Hull), producer and multi-instrumentalist Tyler Johnson, and guitarist Mitch Rowland—co-writers on his previous album and creators of his Grammy-winning single “Watermelon Sugar.” The 13-track album, produced by Harpoon and Johnson, is infused with the 1970s and ’80s influences and was recorded in several locales, including California and Bath, with a range of sounds. “From Little Freak,” a song about a transient relationship, to the ’80s-inspired chart-topping single “As It Was,” there is something for everyone.