Relationship Expert Shares 5 Warning Signs ‘You Can Do Better’ Than Your Partner

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No matter how much two people love each other, they might still need to improve in some areas of their relationship. It’s often difficult to identify where the problem is coming from. How can you decide whether your relationship is over or you’re just going through a phase? This relationship expert reveals a few warning signs that show you can “do better” than your partner.

How His Followers Reacted

Jacob Lucas, a relationship expert and dating coach, has shared a few red flags in a video on Instagram that could show you when it’s time to look for someone better. Ending a relationship you don’t feel happy in is not selfish, it simply means you’ve decided to prioritize yourself.

After Jacob asked people to share how many of these signs they’ve noticed in their relationships, quite a lot of his followers admitted they had seen more than one. Some even got five out of five and decided to put themselves first and focus on things worth their effort. So what are the signs?

Five Signs It’s Time

The first sign is that your partner isn’t taking you out on dates. Lucas states that spending time together is important, even if you’ve been together for years. The next is that if you’re putting more effort into your physical appearance than your partner, it may mean they’re simply not willing to go the extra mile for you. Then there’s that you support your partner more than they support you. If someone’s not always there for you in your happiest and saddest moments, do they even deserve to be with you?

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Sign number four to look out for is whether your partner talks to you only when they want something from you. It is a huge red flag and indicates that the other person is only in this relationship for their benefit. The last sign you should end the relationship is your partner not being completely loyal to you. This one may seem pretty self-explanatory, but it’s super important.