Roaching – An Unfortunate Trend of the Modern Dating World

Roaching - An Unfortunate Trend of the Modern Dating World

A new phenomenon of courtship has been on the uprise in the dating world and it’s been given the well-deserved name of roaching. Much like the insect that it shares a name with, the act is becoming unfortunately common. This describes a situation where a person hides the fact that they are dating multiple other people from their new romantic partner.

What Roaching Is In Essence

Matchmaking experts and dating coaches explain that this new trend represents a situation in which a person hides that they are dating other people at the same time from a new romantic partner. Where one roach is found, many more are sure to be in the vicinity, as is the case with this dating trend and the possible number of hidden partners one is concealing. Whether to roach is to cheat usually depends on the seriousness of the relationship one is in while seeking out and meeting other partners.

What Is Roaching: Couple embracing on bench, while man holds other woman's hand
Noticing Red Flags

Anyone currently in the dating game should be aware of this unfortunate trend and keep an eye out for some of the red flags. A person who roaches is likely to be very protective of their phone or any other device that has access to their social media or dating apps. The person won’t often be available to you when it comes to meeting up frequently and spending quality time together. They might also be careful about disclosing details of how they spend their time and will try to make every date start or end up at someone’s home, as physical intimacy is the main thing they’re searching for.

A Reminder of the Value of Openness and Honesty

Although many people on the dating scene are looking to have a good time, meet interesting people, and share physical connections, which is perfectly fine, not everyone dates with the same mindset. That’s why one should keep an eye out for roaching and try to always establish open and honest communication with new romantic partners so that everyone knows where they stand.