Five Fun and Interesting Second Date Ideas That Aren’t a Cliché

Five Fun and Interesting Second Date Ideas That Aren't a ClichéThe first date went great and now a second date is right around the corner, but coming up with a fun and interesting idea can prove to be harder than expected. Most people play safe and opt for a cliché such as a dinner at a nice restaurant or a movie night at the local theater. Here are exciting suggestions that are worth exploring because they’ll most likely lead to a third date!

1. Volunteer – Great Way to Learn More About One Another

A couple doing volunteering work Giving back to a cause you both care about is an excellent way to create a strong bond and learn about each other’s character. It’s also an excellent way to maintain a smooth conversation about a topic that is clearly important to both of you.

2. Archery – Have a Robin Hood and Maid Marian Experience

Archery target
Archery is more fun than most people assume. It’s also an amazing stress reliever, which can reduce tension and anxiety. Shooting arrows at a target and seeing who has the better hand-eye coordination can also be a fun competition, which will bring laughter and smiles to the second date.

3. Escape Room – Subtle Way to Learn Whether You Can Work Together

Couple having a lovely time in an escape roomLet’s start with the obvious. Escape rooms are fun and tend to challenge a person’s logical thinking and intuition. They also force people to work together in order to escape. Locking themselves in a room will test people’s ability to work in partnership and make compromises with their opinions and worldviews. It’s also an excellent way to resolve any difference because no one can leave before the door is opened or the time runs out.

4. Dessert-Only Date – Make the Second Date Sweet

Desserts & SweetsFind a high-end dessert establishment and go on a dessert-only date. Try different sweets such as cake, pastries, doughnuts, ice cream, chocolate, cookies, and more. While it may sound like a carb-rich experience that can affect even the most rigorous diet, it’s also an interesting and tasty adventure to have.

5. Wine Tasting – Palate Pampering, the French Way

Couple on a wine tasting dateWine tasting is a superb way to grab a drink and feel cultured at the same time. It’s also an educational second date as people can learn about the different species of grapes that are used in winemaking. Finally, wine can loosen up the mood and serve as an ice breaker for almost any imaginable topic.

Planning a second date can be even harder than coming up with something fun for a first date. Luckily there are plenty of unorthodox options for people to try, and these are only five of them.