Date Stacking, a TikTok Trend, May Be the Future of Smart Dating

Dating can be a tough game for all of us. Lives are so busy these days – people have to juggle work, cleaning, cooking, eating, leading a healthy life, sleeping, socializing – the list goes on. People don’t have time to keep putting themselves out there only to get disappointed. It takes work. Besides selecting the right outfit, people must make themselves up, take off their sweatpants and leave their homes. But date stacking might be the future of dating that everyone needs!

How it All Started

Social media platform TikTok seems to find an ailment to everything these days, and dating is yet another problem with an easy algorithm. Well, not easy, but certainly practical. Date stacking first came from Titkoker Paretay, who went viral with her video of going on three dates in one evening. She spent her entire Friday night juggling one-hour dates with three different people. Her night ended in chaos after date #3 tried kissing her, but she regrets nothing.

People’s Thoughts on Date Stacking

People have tried it, and they’re talking. This kind of dating doesn’t have to involve creating a spreadsheet and documenting everything worth mentioning for every date. No one needs to have proficiency in Excel or a type-A personality to try this kind of dating. You just have to be tired enough of the old style and willing to try something new!

Dating as a Coping Mechanism?

Some people admit date stacking is more than just a practical way to find real love. They confess to using it as a coping mechanism – to forget the rest of the problems in their life. It takes time and keeps you plenty busy, so it’s a great way to focus on different people and your scheduled dates rather than other things that may be going on. Even Paretay, who started the trend, says she had different intentions!

Escaping the Mundane Life

Some people try it out to get away from boredom and loneliness. It’s fun to go on dates with different people but not looking for anything in particular – just wasting time. If you like schedules but still get lonely with work and every other aspect of your life, try the method and find a way to escape it all!

Date Stacking, a Tiktok Trend, May Be The Future of Smart Dating

Whether you’re looking for a way to cope with something upsetting that’s going on in your life, or you’re just trying to have a good time through boredom – date stacking may be the perfect method! Schedule one date in the morning and another in the afternoon – see how things develop!

The Consequences of Not Showering & Its Impact on Our Skin

More and more reports are highlighting the fact that celebrities may not be showering as much as people think. Actors such as Ashton Kutcher, Kristen Bell, and Mila Kunis have expressed the controversial opinion that the daily full-body shower isn’t a necessity.

What Are the Consequences for Your Skin When Not Showering The Body Doesn’t Clean Itself

But, no celebrity has caused a bigger polemic than Jake Gyllenhaal who hinted that not showering may in fact be beneficial for the skin. The actor who starred in The Prince of Persia claims that the skin has the ability to clean itself. His statement was quickly debunked by numerous dermatologists, including Joshua Zeichner who shared in an interview that soap and water are the only things that clean the body.

Jake Gyllenhaal

However, Gyllenhaal’s theory isn’t completely without its merits. The actor is most likely referencing the skin’s microbiome, an invisible flora of trillions of microorganisms on the skin, which can be harmed by the overuse of soaps and detergents.

James Hamblin, a preventive medicine physician, has written an entire book about the skin’s flora and makes the claim that in terms of biology and keeping a healthy microbiome, people probably don’t need to shower on a daily basis.

Bi-Daily Showering Doesn’t Improve the Skin

Dr. Zeichner agrees that individuals can get away with showering every other day, but that doesn’t mean that their skin will be healthier or better looking. He’s also adamant that certain body parts must be washed daily in order for people to maintain certain hygiene standards that prevent the overgrowth of harmful microorganisms on the skin. He also adds that individuals should always shower after heavy sweating and physical activity.

Countless renowned dermatologists agree that daily showers are a must for a healthy lifestyle.

Most experts stand firmly behind the belief that people should shower daily, or pretty close to it. However, they do advise individuals to not over-exfoliate their faces and bodies, as well as to be mindful about their routine.