Date Stacking, a TikTok Trend, May Be the Future of Smart Dating

Dating can be a tough game for all of us. Lives are so busy these days – people have to juggle work, cleaning, cooking, eating, leading a healthy life, sleeping, socializing – the list goes on. People don’t have time to keep putting themselves out there only to get disappointed. It takes work. Besides selecting the right outfit, people must make themselves up, take off their sweatpants and leave their homes. But date stacking might be the future of dating that everyone needs!

How it All Started

Social media platform TikTok seems to find an ailment to everything these days, and dating is yet another problem with an easy algorithm. Well, not easy, but certainly practical. Date stacking first came from Titkoker Paretay, who went viral with her video of going on three dates in one evening. She spent her entire Friday night juggling one-hour dates with three different people. Her night ended in chaos after date #3 tried kissing her, but she regrets nothing.

People’s Thoughts on Date Stacking

People have tried it, and they’re talking. This kind of dating doesn’t have to involve creating a spreadsheet and documenting everything worth mentioning for every date. No one needs to have proficiency in Excel or a type-A personality to try this kind of dating. You just have to be tired enough of the old style and willing to try something new!