Which Are the Best Long-Distance Dating Apps for Couples?

Which Are the Best Long-Distance Dating Apps for Couples?When you’re separated from your partner, texting, FaceTime (and, of course, FaceTime kinky time), and Zoom can only do so much before you become bored. Even simple things like sharing a car in mutual silence can become exciting after a while. Whether you’re dating someone across continents or states, or you’re simply unable to see each other for the time being, there are a plethora of free apps available that will help you and your faraway boo stay connected and feel close.

Dating Apps to Keep the Spark

Whether you’re looking to demonstrate your affection for one another more clinically with the Gottman Card Decks, want to learn more about one another through lighthearted trivia on Couple Game, or just want some direction on how to spice things up from afar with Honi, there’s a dating app for that. The following are the three best long-distance lovers apps.

#3. Couple Game

Couple Game
Have you ever wondered how well your partner truly understands you? Download this app to access quizzes for couples on a variety of topics, including favorite foods, holidays, hobbies, films, music, romance, intimacy, and kissing. Whether you’re a newlywed couple or have been together for a while, this simplified version of the Newlywed Game is sure to keep both of you entertained.

#2. Between

This highly rated and popular app combines the functionality of a messenger service and a calendar. You can chat with one another, share cute photos, save important dates such as anniversaries or when you’ll see one another next, and also use the free calling feature to call one another. You can also upgrade for an ad-free experience and access to additional special features.

#3. Love Nudge

 Love Nudge
This application is ideal for you. It builds on the concept of love languages by suggesting dating goals for your partner that you can also customize. Perhaps your partner is aware that your love language is affirmation but could use a gentle “nudge” to remind him or her to act appropriately. Rather than nagging your partner with “Why don’t you ever compliment me when I’m down?”, Love Nudge makes it fun for both of you to express your love in each of your preferred love languages. Apple Watch compatibility is also included in the App Store version of the dating app.